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House Concerts

Back in April I went to a show and had a wonderful time! Sounds like what you'd hope for in an average night out on the town right..? This was a little different though...it was a house concert.

I've been hearing about house concerts for quite awhile now, it always sounded a cool idea, but I never really paid it a lot of attention. But now after actually attending my first one, I find myself thinking, "Why aren't I doing this?!?!?" The music sounded great, the chairs were comfy and there were a lot of very nice people in the audience.

So, I think it's time that I open myself up for this. Why not right? After all, I'm definitely sick of playing bars...and I know a lot of people that are quite sick of going to bars. In comparison, house concerts are low key, intimate shows...the one I attended had probably 20 people in the audience...it actually looked a lot like the pic in the top left of this blog post. It was a really nice experience...one I'd like to have again, as an audience member or as a performer. Right now I'm all about trying out new and exciting ways to host concert experiences! (click here to find out about a show we've put together on a private island!!)

Do house concerts sound like something you'd be interested in too?

If you happen to be interested in hosting a show at your house, or have an idea of the perfect spot, please feel free to get in touch. (contact Ben) We'll figure out how to make it work and hopefully make it profitable for all parties involved, by selling tickets beforehand, and/or charging at the door and splitting the profits, or some other way. I live in the Portland Maine area, so for now, it would probably have to be a New England based show.

Just thinking out loud... =) What do you think?

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Sounds awesome. If you make it to Ohio with these, I would love to host one..

June 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBen R

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