I have good news. You are going to be a good guitarist. With the right steps forward and a little dedication, it's not just possible, it's probable that you will be a good guitarist...and with a lot of dedication, you just might become a great guitarist.


7 years ago I stopped touring full time. Since then I've realized what living my dreams really looks like these days. Playing in a successful, national level rock band, selling hundreds of thousands of albums was an amazing, self realizing, self confidence boosting experience. But...after years of living in tour buses; it gets old. Don't get me wrong, I highly recommend the experience!


These days I'd rather be at home teaching guitar. As far as jobs go, for me, it's the best job on Earth...plus, I've discovered that I'm really good at it. Bonus.


A lot of people these days are trying to learn guitar off of YouTube, or some video service, or Google'd guitar tab that is completely wrong 90% of the time. The problem with this is it generally causes more bad habits than good ones, which ultimately tends to leave guitarists feeling like they are stuck in a rut, or worse... that they just can't get it.


Well, you can get it...and you can get out of any rut that you may be in. It's just that there is no substitution for real time feedback that an experienced teacher can give you. Whether you just want to jam with your friends at the beach, or play at a pro level touring the world over, I can help you. I can help you a lot.


It doesn't matter what level you are currently at, I've helped guitarists at all levels, from beginners to music school graduates, to refine their personal goals and to move towards them in a clear, focused straight line. I will do the same for you.


You're in the right place.

   *Musical Immersion via Private Guitar Lessons

   *Enhance your knowledge & skills

    *Dramatically Improve your musicianship

    *Develop healthy reliable habits
   *Understand how music works

   *Understand how the music industry works
   *Find your real musical voice
   *Play with comfort & confidence
   *Master the performance mindset


    ...so much more than just guitar lessons... 

   All instruction is via Skype, no traveling is required...right at your computer, from the

   comfort of your own home.


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Ben Carroll has the experience, million dollar major label recording contracts...recording with big name producers...touring the world.

"Together, we will make your guitar playing smarter. I teach all levels of guitar, literally from beginners to Berklee grads. I don't just teach the standard material you could learn in a Mel Bay book. Over the years I have developed systems for guitar playing, ways to snap things together & make the guitar much easier to understand with much less memorization involved. In my career as a professional musician/performer I've ended up taking everything I learned at Berklee and through real world experience, weeded, condensed & simplified, and made it more suitable for the real world applications."

Lessons are taught via Skype, no traveling is required...lessons are right at your computer.